Armley Park Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page!


Class Teacher: Mr Cliff

Support Staff: Mrs Senior

Email: [email protected] 


We hope you enjoy looking at our class page. We will update this regularly throughout the year with photographs of what we have been doing and also with key information which you may find useful. If you have any questions, please contact the class teacher who will be able to help. 

In order to give the children the best chance at making sufficient progress this year, homework will be given out weekly. This homework will be related to their learning that week, or it will have a focus on something they’ve previously learned. It is not compulsory for students to complete it, but it will support their learning and will give them the best chance at being fully prepared for year 6. If students are struggling, and you are unable to help them, I am more than happy to go through it with them in the morning.


If you are able to read with your child at home then this will significantly improve their reading performance in school. It is vital children read every day (even if this is only 2 or 3 pages). If you could ask your child a few questions about what they’ve read then they will further develop their reading ability. Please write a note in their reading journals once completed.


Year 5 go swimming on Thursday afternoons. Please watch this video about the weekly visits to Armley Leisure Centre -

Welcome letter to parents

Year 5 did some programming in Computing today by connecting components of a crumble kit. They were able to set up a sparkle to change colour depending on the code they input into their computer.

Space Camp - students had a fantastic time at school last night. They took part in a variety of space activities before settling down with a film and some hot chocolate.

Our human bar chart showing which months of the year children were born in. We created this for our maths focus day on data to give students a practical experience in representing data.

Year 5 went to The Depot in Pudsey to recreate some of the training that our focus adventurer - Alex Honnold - would've gone through before climbing "El Capitan" in 2017.

Students were able to enjoy some outdoor activities and team building lessons today. These included Commando Joe's, den building and orienteering.

Our focus week this term is about outdoor learning. We have produced some excellent work about Alex Honnold who is a free solo rock climber. Here are some pictures of the students' geography, writing and art work.

Students took part in a maths quiz and some exercises related to budgeting in national numeracy day.

Our finished empanadas!

In DT, we made Argentine vegetarian empanadas as our geography topic this term is South America. Students developed their chopping skills by using the bridge hold and craw grip method. They then crimped the pastry they made using the fork technique.

Students completed some role play today as our RE topic is about forgiveness. They performed some scenarios and used Jesus' teachings about forgiveness and reconciliation to see how it might make us feel.

In science, we tested to see if materials were soluble or insoluble by observing whether the material dissolved or not.

In DT, we are creating empanadas for the judges at Top Chef to try! As part of our design process, we looked at food miles and taste testing of food from South America.

Our new science topic is: Properties and Changes of Material. Today, we looked at the difference between thermal conductors and insulators by seeing how well different materials kept heat in.

Year 5 loved Commando Joe’s this afternoon! This is a life skill developmental scheme where students complete activities together. Today, they worked on teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

The marble runs we created in our DT topic: Marbellous Creations. Thanks to all those parents who saved cardboard tubes!

After many weeks of very hard work in school and at home, the children performed their Romeo and Juliet play spectacularly at The Carriageworks Theatre.

Our display board for Literature Week. The children wrote their own fables based around our focus fable: Avaricious and Envious

During Literature Week, we created some excellent Terry Isaac based artwork related to The Fox and the Stork.

Earth and Space


Year 5 recreated the movement of the Sun, Moon and Earth today in science.

First rehearsals for our Shakespeare play: Romeo and Juliet

Year 5 won the Spelling Bee challenge as Elisa, Caressa and Haya smashed it in the final getting 10/10 correct🏆🥇

Today we made some Christmas cards using origami techniques to make a 3D tree.

Year 5 made Chinese inspired spring rolls today in their DT lesson.

Christmas Jumper Day! Thank you to all those that donated!

Year 5 participating in road safety. They designed some of their own fantastic safety ideas!

Year 5 completing experiments related to air resistance and water resistance

Year 5 comparing calves, yearlings and adult cows today in Farmer Time.

Year 5 used Newton Meters to measure the weight of different objects in science

Enterprise week, Day 5 - Year 5 are the WINNERS!!!!!!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend swimming today because of the weather. Instead, Year 5 did some fun balancing games for PE!

Enterprise Week, Day 4 - Final design of our prototype lunch box

Enterprise Week, Day 2 - Product Design

Enterprise Week, Day 1 - Market Research

Farmer time with Farmer Nick and Farmer Lucy

Scooter training from Leeds City Council

Greg James and Chris Smith story webinar

Drama / Role play for Danny the Champion of the World

Art / Topic
Today the Year 5’s designed their own Maya masks! The Maya’s wore masks for a variety of reasons such as: going to battle, decorating faces of the dead and attending important events. This links perfectly to our Ancient Maya topic whereby the students will be learning about their daily lives next week.