Armley Park Primary School

Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Senior Leadership Team

Miss Emily Caine

Headteacher and SENCo

Mr C Kinnes

Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 Teacher

Miss K Jackson

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader and EYFS Teacher



Administrative and Pastoral Staff

Mrs L Haseltine

Office Manager

Mrs C Lindley

Administration Assistant

Mrs E Cliff

Safeguarding Officer

Miss L OrbellBehaviour Support Worker

Class Teachers

Mrs D WallaceNursery Teacher

Miss J Benson

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs S Nessa

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs K LockYear 3 Teacher

Mr A Everatt

Year 4 Teacher

Mr O Cliff

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Y Wolstenholme

PPA Teacher

Miss J Wright

Additional Teacher / Behaviour Lead



Classroom Support

Miss B Murphy

Teaching Assistant

Miss B HargreavesTeaching Assistant
Miss K MundayTeaching Assistant

Mrs A Ketteringham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Senior

Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Billbrough

Nursery Nurse

Mrs A Hughes

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Roberts

Teaching Assistant

Miss S Morrison

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A WickerekBefore and After School Club Leader



Lunchtime Staff

Miss K Parker

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss R Courtney

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Miss C CarpenterLunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Ms N WhitakerLunchtime Supervisory Assistant



Site Staff

Mr J Raper

Site Superintendent

Ms M HovorkovaCleaner

Mr K Johnson