Armley Park Primary School

The School Day

The School Day


07:15 - Breakfast Club is open (click here for information about the costs)

8.30 - Gates open.

08:40 - The bell will ring and the children will line up and go into class with their teacher. This is the start of the school day.

09:00 - Registers are taken and any children who are not in the classroom will be marked as absent. 

11:45 - 12:45 - Nursery and Reception lunchtime

12:00-13:00 - Year 1 to Year 6 lunchtime. (Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 eat their lunch first and then play outside,  Y5, Y6 play outside first and then eat their lunch afterwards)

15:15 - Home time. The gates will open just before 15:15 to allow you to collect your children from their classrooms. If children are not collected by 15:20, they may be taken to After School Club which would incur a charge. 

15:15 - After School Club is open (click here for information about the costs)

17:30 - After School Club closes


During a typical school week, your child will be in school for approximately 31 hours and 30 minutes Monday - Friday.


Please help us to run the school as smoothly as possible by being punctual. We are unable to provide any childcare before 07:15am each morning and if you are late collecting your children from the After School Club, we may charge you for this as we would have to pay the staff to stay late to look after your child. Click here to see more information about before and after school clubs,