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Art and Design

Art and Design at Armley Park Primary School



Our art and design curriculum is designed to develop confidence and resilience. We will equip children with the skills and techniques that they need to produce their own creative works. Children will grow an appreciation of art through exposure to great artists, craft makers and designers. We aim to inspire and engage children, showing them how art has shaped our history. We allow children to experiment, create and invent, as well as encouraging them to think critically about their work using the language of art, craft and design. Through high quality lessons and enrichment in KS2, we aim to develop essential characteristics of artists and give them further opportunity to express their artistic skills through practical knowledge. We will develop civic pride by exploring the contributions that art makes to our culture, creativity and the wealth of our nation. As a school, our aim is for children to gain an enjoyment of art through the participation of engaging art activities.

Our key substantive knowledge strands are:

  • Practical Knowledge (1. Media and materials; 2. Methods and Techniques; 3. Formal Elements of Art and the Principles of Art; 4. Technical Language; 5. Specialism)
  • Theoretical Knowledge (The breadth of art and it’s narrative through history)


Art and Design Curriculum Overview Armley Park

Our Gallery Wall

Digital Art in Computing lessons