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Welcome to the Nursery Class Page!


Class Teacher:  Mrs Wallace 

Support Staff: Mrs Billbrough, Miss Murphy and Miss Munday

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We hope you enjoy looking at our class page. We will update this regularly throughout the year with photographs of what we have been doing and also with key information which you may find useful. If you have any questions, please contact the class teacher who will be able to help. 

Welcome to Nursery! The adults in Nursery are Mrs Wallace, Mrs Billbrough and Miss Munday.

Nursery's Long Term Plan for Parents

Spring 1 -Stories Knowledge Organiser

3rd February -The Star of the week this week is Louis for settling in well to Nursery and trying lots of activities. Our Star writer is Zofia for drawing a fabulous imaginary character. Well done both of you!

3rd February. This week we have been learning about materials. We went on a hunt around Nursery to see what we could find. We found lots of things were made of wood, plastic, metal or glass. We have also been drawing our own imaginary characters. We had some fantastic ideas!

27th January - This week we chose Gracie-Mae as our Star of the Week as she has been very kind and caring towards all her friends. Sebastian is our Star Writer as he has been mark making lots this week and also writing the first letter of his name. Well done!

27th January - This week we have read the story The Gruffalo. We enjoyed listening to and joining in re-telling the story. We have done lots of creative work too.

20th January -Our Star of the week is Ivan for being a super listener and joining in all our activities. Our Star Writer is Leo as he has been drawing some lovely pictures and writing his name on them.

20th January - This week we have been learning about the Chinse New Year. We listened to the story of the animals race across the river and learnt about the traditions people do to celebrate. We enjoyed dressing up in Chinese clothes, having a Chinese restaurant role play area, making Chinese lanterns and also trying some Chinese food.

Stars of the Week -13th January 2023. Chris is our Star of the Week as he has had a fantastic week in Nursery, trying hard to join in all focused activities and always having a smile on his face. Elsie is our Star writer as she has done some fantastic drawings of Stickman. Well done to you both!

13th January -This week we have been reading the story Stickman. We have joined in re-telling the story and have drawn pictures of him in pencil, pen, chalk, and also paint. We have also made our own Stickman characters using a stick and some materials. In Maths we have been learning about patterns. We have looked at patterns all around us, talked about the patterns we can see, and also continued a repeating pattern.

STARS OF THE AUTUMN TERM! This term Frazer and Leo were chosen as our Stars and Miss Caine presented them with their certificates and chocolate treats. Frazer was chosen as he has made consistently good choices and has been a super role model for the other children. Leo was chosen as he has made huge progress in managing his feelings this term. Well done boys, we are very proud of you both.

Christmas fun! We had lots of fun celebrating by having our own Nursery party. We danced, played games and had some party food. We also had a very special visitor!

Knowledge Organiser -Autumn 2 -Let's Celebrate!

Early Years Christmas Nativity 2022! This week the children put on a fantastic Christmas Nativity! Thank you to those families who were able to come and watch. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and are all very proud of all the children.

30th November - Star of the Week is Lilah-Rae for joining in all of our activities with a smile on her face! Star Writer is Kiya for mark making inside nursery and outside using chalk, paint and pens. Well done!

30th November - Wedding celebrations. This week we have been learning about weddings. We read a story called 'Maisy goes to a Wedding' and we talked about some of the traditions such as dressing up, having flowers, cake, confetti etc... We had fun dressing up in Nursery!

23rd November - Star of the week is Zofia for joining in and trying hard. Star Writer is Ivan for drawing a super picture of the Little Red Hen.

23rd November 2022 - This week we have read the story of the Little Red Hen. We joined in telling the story and we used masks to act it out too. We have drawn pictures of the red hen in pen, pencil and paint. We all helped to make some bread and made the loaves into little hedgehogs.

16th November - Star of the Week is Jody for listening and following instructions. Star Writer is Gracie-Mae for drawing some super pictures of Nursery Rhyme characters. Well done!

16th November - World Nursery Rhyme Week! -This week we have enjoyed singing some nursery rhymes, dancing, and making models linked to each rhyme.

Birthdays - This week we have been learning about birthday celebrations. We made cards and wrapped up presents, we had a party and dressed up. We practised our counting by counting out the correct number of plates, cups and balloons for the party.

9th November -Our Star of the week is Thabiso for being kind and sharing with his friends. Our Star Writer is Connie for drawing a picture of her family and for drawing with chalk outside.

Our Star of the Week is Leo for making super choices in Nursery! Our Star Writer is Chris for drawing a super picture of a ghost for Halloween.

4th November - Autumn , Halloween and Bonfire Night. The children in Nursery talked about the season Autumn and the changes that take place. They did some lovely Autumn collages. They talked about Halloween and their own experiences of it and enjoyed dressing up and making potions in the water tray. In maths we sorted some natural resources into groups; there were conkers, sticks, pine cones and leaves. They also did some super firework paintings by flicking the paintbrush.

This half term we are learning 'All About Me'


19th October - This week Sebastian is our Star of the Week for trying hard to listen during our carpet sessions.  Kosi is our Star Writer for drawing a super picture of a cupcake.  Well done both of you! 

Enterprise Week - Cake Sale! The Nursery children chose to bake some chocolate rice crispy buns and have a cake sale in our role play area. They all enjoyed measuring out the ingredients, mixing it together with a spoon, and filling the cake cases with the mixture. They enjoyed eating them too!




12th October - This week our Star of the Week is Sada! We are so proud of her as she is joining in lots of the activities in the nursery and trying her best.  Well done Sada! Keep it up!  

The Star Writer this week is Matei! He drew a fantastic picture of Mummy Bear from the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Well done Matei! 

12th October 2022 - This week we have been sorting objects by their type and by their colour. We sorted conkers, sticks and pine cones, and also different animals. We sorted objects from around the classroom by their colour. We also played a sorting game on the interactive whiteboard.


5th October -  This week our star of the week is Zahra! We chose Zahra as she is always trying her best in all that she does.  Our star writer is Zofia as she has been drawing pictures on paper with felt tip pens, drawing on the interactive whiteboard and also drawing pictures on the playground using chalk.  Well done to both of you!

5th October - This week we have been reading the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have enjoyed re-telling the story and also role playing in our Bear's cottage. We also did paintings of the bears.

28th September - This week we have been telling our friends about who is in our family. We also drew pictures of our families.

Stars of the Week - 28th September 2022

21st September - We have been learning our colours this week. We had a look for objects which were red, blue and green.

21st September - Stars of the week! This week Jumana is our Star Writer for some fabulous pictures. Mohammad is our Star of the Week for always listening and trying his best to follow our Nursery rules.

Week 2 September 15th 2022. This week we have painted pictures of ourselves.

6th Sept 2022. First day of Nursery! The children have all enjoyed their first day back at Nursery. It was so lovely to see them back with big smiles on their faces! They all enjoyed playing inside and outside with their friends.