Armley Park Primary School

How will my child’s progress be assessed?

How will my child’s progress be assessed?


At Armley Park Primary School, we want the vast majority of children with SEND to achieve just as well as their peers. For children who have individualised education plans, this may not be possible, yet it is important that every child's attainment is the best they can achieve. We expect all of our pupils to have learning targets they are aware of and have engaged in process of setting them. It is important that children can see the progress they have made. We strive to make this possible in an accessible way for all children, but a very small number of children whose cognitive ability is severely impaired are not able to engage in this process.


We have a rigorous programme for assessing children's learning. Key is the on-going, day-in-day-out assessment every teacher makes during and after a lesson which informs the next element of learning. Some assessment takes place at the end of sequence of learning to identify how secure that learning is, and regular assessments are recorded for all children which identify where a child is against the expectations for their year group.


The same systems and procedures are in place for children with special educational needs. In some instances, additional assessments may be appropriate for children with special educational needs in order to provide additional information to determine their strengths and areas for development. Examples include B Squared assessment which assesses against smaller learning steps or social and emotional assessments.


The class teacher will be happy to discuss any additional assessments used, the results achieved and the implications for future learning. If it is felt that something more specialised is required then the relevant service could be contacted to discuss this.