Armley Park Primary School


Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education at Armley Park Primary School


Our PSHE curriculum here at Armley Park aims to help children learn how to keep safe and healthy in an ever-changing world in a way that is relevant to them and their future. It will enable children to: 


  • Have a sense of purpose
  • Value self and others
  • Form relationships
  • Make and act on informed decisions
  • Communicate effectively
  • Work with others
  • Respond to challenge
  • Be an active partner in their own learning
  • Be active citizens within the local community
  • Explore issues related to living in a democratic society
  • Become healthy and fulfilled individuals



Our PSHE lessons are designed to cover the full range of knowledge, understanding and skills that children need to help them when young and also as they move through society. 



We use the Kapow scheme of work which is a whole school approach that consists of three areas of learning in Early Years Foundation Stage: Reception (to match the EYFS Personal, social and emotional development prime area) and five areas of learning across Key stages 1 and 2.



● Self-regulation

● Building relationships

● Managing self


Key stage 1 and 2:

● Families and relationships

● Health and wellbeing

● Safety and the changing body

● Citizenship

● Economic wellbeing


Each area is revisited to allow children to build on prior learning. The lessons also provide a progressive programme.

Long Term Plan -Kapow

Vocabulary Progression - Kapow