Armley Park Primary School


Music at Armley Park Primary School


Our music curriculum aims to develop a love of music, inspiring and engaging our children through exposure to music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. Music is a means by which we strengthen our bond as a school and connect with our local community. We hope to broaden the children’s cultural understanding by exposing them to a diverse range of high-quality musical experiences. Children will learn to respect and enjoy music from communities and countries all around the world. Children will have opportunities to perform and sing, recognising their talent as musicians. Our curriculum allows children to listen and respond to music, making musical judgements through discussion and expression. Through use of charanga, children are given the opportunity to play tuned and untuned instruments, as well as developing their musical skill of singing. By developing as singers, performers and composers, all children will be able to become confident, reflective musicians.



Year 5’s yearly performance of Romeo and Juliet at The Carriageworks Theatre. 

Year 1’s visit to Pudsey Civic Hall for the music event ‘The Little Sing - Jump into the Jungle’.

Ks1’s trips to the local Interplay theatre -

A visit from English National Opera through SkyArts.