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Year 1

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We will upload important information on this page throughout the year so please keep checking it regularly to keep up to date with what is happening in our class. 

The Year 1 Team


Miss Crombie- Year 1 Teacher

Miss Skardon - Teaching Assistant

Miss Hall - Teaching Assistant

Miss Lynch - HLTA (teaching on Wednesday mornings)

Mrs Senior - Additional support and interventions

Miss Smith - Phase Leader for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3


If you need to contact the staff, you can call the school office on 01132639216 or email [email protected]

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Literature Week February 2024

In our Reading sessions, we looked at the book “Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge”. 
we focussed on memories and understood that memories can be happy and sad, warm and funny. 
Year 1 looked through Miss Crombie’s memory box and then made memory boxes of their own! 

Reading: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

Narrative Writing 

In writing lessons, we wrote stories about a young person helping their Grandma to paint a picture of her dog. We worked really hard to include lots of adjectives to describe what they could see on the way to the shop. 


In Art, we looked at the work of Kandinsky from Autumn term  and created some Kandinsky style flowers! We used paint to create secondary colours from primary colours and used our plant knowledge to remember all the parts of a plant. 

We created stick puppets of the characters from Zog and the Flying Doctors to retell the story with each other! 

Narrative Recount- Zog and the Flying Doctors


For our topic of plants, Year 1 observed the outside of a variety of fruits. They used magnifying glasses to see this in close detail. When we cut them open, we examined what was inside. The children observed that whilst all the fruits had seeds on the inside, none of the seeds looked the same. Some were big and small and they even had different colours!

Science- Investigating the inside of fruits and vegetables


In Art this half term, we are learning how to print with a focus on the work by Yayoi Kusama. She used a range of different printing styles and loved to print pumpkins, adding different sized dots. Year 1 will be creating their own Yayoi Kusama style print by using a relief print in the background and printing a vegetable on top! 

In this lesson, the class are dipping a variety of fruits and vegetables into paint and printing these into their sketchbooks to see which design they liked the most. 

Art- Creating Yayoi Kusama style prints

Focus Week - The Arts 
In the last week of Autumn 1, the school had a focus week about 'The Arts'. The focus was 'All about me' and 'Expressing Yourself'. We learnt the song 'Touch the Sky' from the film Brave with Year 4. We then performed this song to the whole school in an assembly. The children did amazing! In Art, we focused on drawing and collage. The children collaged half of their face, before adding drawings of things that they like in the background. The children even did some digital art that we printed out and added to our collages! The parents came to see these in an Art gallery showcase event after school. 

Our Writing this half-term. The children wrote a narrative about a box being stolen from our classroom by a T-Rex, as well as designing and writing about their own Monsters in the style of Russell Hoban's 'Monsters' story. They have been focusing on using adjectives and conjunction 'and', as well as using all of their non-negotiables (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and using their phonics). We have been really proud of the writing that they have produced. 

Poppy painting in the provision! The children were set the challenge of painting a poppy after our discussion about Remembrance Day. 

Our painting unit on Kandinsky - Sketchbooks and some of our Final Pieces

Sorting materials based on their properties in Science - 

Our first Commando Joes session! Goldilocks had a problem - she was lost in the forest! She needed to get to the cottage on the other side of the river to call her mum. The children had to work as a team to figure out how to get Goldilocks across safely. They had some really interesting discussions and came up with some great ideas! 

Enjoying some practical maths lessons -

Fun in the provision! Getting used to our new classroom.