Armley Park Primary School

Absence and Late Procedures

Absences from school.


If your child is unable to come to school, please contact the office and let them know. You can do this by telephone on 0113 2639216 or by emailing [email protected]


If your child is absent from school and we have not received any information from you, we will attempt to contact you. Initially, this will be by phone but if we are unable to speak to you, we may come to the family home. This is in accordance with safeguarding procedures as we have a duty of care to make sure all children are safe and why they are not in school.


Arriving at school after the register has been taken.


All children should be in their classrooms by 9am each morning as this is when the official register is taken and the information is sent to the office. If your child is late, they will need to go to the main office and sign in using the Inventry screen, choosing a reason why they are late. 

It is really important that children are in school on time each day whenever possible. We understand that there are times when this is not possible due to reasons beyond your control eg, transport issues or urgent medical appointments, but this should not happen regularly as it has a big impact on your child's education. Learning tasks are available from classrooms from 08:35 each morning so if they are late, they are missing this chance to make progress.


25 minutes late each day means they have missed over two hours of learning each week!