Armley Park Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education at Armley Park Primary School


The teaching of Religious Education (RE) at Armley Park Primary aims to enhance our children’s understanding of religious and non-religious views through a broad, balanced and inclusive syllabus.. We also aim to provide opportunities for children to talk about their own religious believes.


RE prepares children to comprehend that not everyone feels the same as them and that others can believe differently to them. This then helps learners to understand, empathise and identify with other people, hopefully resulting in a more peaceful and cohesive society.


Engaging and stimulating lessons offer time allow children to reflect on their own thoughts and provides opportunities to raise questions. It encourages them to think about their own experiences, how they respond to others and the world around them.

We follow the Leeds agreed syllabus for teaching RE. Throughout the journey to learn about a range of different religions which is planned to develop the children's understanding of religions in isolation and then progressing to identifying similarities and differences in beliefs. 


In Early Years, the children learning about religion through topics such as 'All About Me' 'Around The World' and 'Celebrations'. Through the PSED curriculum, children are introduced to the concepts of understanding and empathy and knowing that everyone is unique. 


Throughout KS1 and KS2, the children will have the opportunities to learn about four world religions which will then provide a solid foundation for their next stage of education when they move to secondary school.

In KS1, the children develop their understanding of Christianity and Islam alongside some non-religious perspectives.

In KS2, the children focus on developing a deeper understanding of Christianity and also learn about Judaism and Sikhism.