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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page!


Class Teacher: Mrs Nessa

Support Staff: Mrs Ketteringham


Hello, my name is Mrs Nessa and I will be teaching in Year 3 this year.  I am really excited to meet all the children and have a fun year learning, creating and having fun together! 

I grew up in Greater Manchester and moved to West Yorkshire 7 years ago. A few of my favourite things include being a huge Harry Potter fan, watching movies, shopping and spending time with my family.

We hope you enjoy looking at our class page. We will update this regularly throughout the year with photographs of what we have been doing and also with key information which you may find useful. If you have any questions, please contact the class teacher who will be able to help. 

Wk C 17.5.21

This week the children have been very busy. They were working with money in maths and looked at the different values pences and pounds make. This was a fun activity as they got to use the resources and count the coins to help them complete our task. 

Our topic is Ancient Egypt and for art we looked at landscape painting. We created a sunset wash then painted the pyramid silhouette. This was a really fun afternoon.

In Science we were looking at the human skeleton and learning all the different scientific names for them. We then had to put our own skeleton together in the correct places with the correct names which we learnt.


Wk C 10.5.21

This week we looked at the features of a diary text. With a WAGOLL we highlighted the features in pairs. This is to help us when it come to writing our own diary entry. We also had a really good discussion In R.E. about the holy bible and how important it is to Christians.  We ranked statements in order of importance to our opinion. 

Wk C 4.5.21

This week we looked at multiplying 2-digit by 1-digut. we used partitioning to help us break it down  into smaller steps to help us calculate it. This was a very good way to help us when we move onto column multiplication. 

Week C 26.4.21

This week we were introduced to our class novel Egyptian Cinderella. to help us memorize the test and not forget any details were created a story map as a class. We all took turns and came up with pictures and actions to help us remember the sentence in the story. This was really fun as it gave us a chance to act out and be really creative. We had to think out of the box to help us come up with ideas.

Week C 19.4.21

Welcome back year 3. This week has been a busy week getting back to the swing of things. The children have been working really hard each day. Our new Science topic is Animals Including Humans and we were looking at the different diets humans consumes. As a class we discussed different nutrients that humans needed to survive and looked at the different food groups and why they are important.

Wk C 29th March

This week has been a fun week in year 3. We have been concentrating on Easter and why Easter is a special holiday and celebrated all around the world. The children made Easter cards as as well as Easter baskets. We also had a cooking lesson in making Easter buns to enjoy. 

Wk C 22nd March

This week in Ewe were looking at informal letter writing. Year 3 look at different letter formats and had to pic out the main features that they could see. They worked in pairs and had to read as well as use a key to help them complete their task. This was done so it can help them in the later days when they start to write their own letter which correlates to part of our Topic.


Wk C15th March

This week we have been looking at rocks and soil in Science. We conducted an experiment as a class to see the different features rocks have and to see weather they were water permeable or not. The children had a hands on experience at looking at different rock types and catergorising them.

 Wk C 8th March - Welcome Back!

Welcome back Year 3! It's FANTASTIC to have you all back! Year 3 have been working really hard this week getting back to routine and working really hard. This week we have been looking at different types or rocks in Science and identifying different features to classify them. We have also been working hard in building our relationships with our classmates and celebrating our differences in PSHE.


Week 7 Update

A Christmas BONANZA week!


This week in year 3 we have been very busy working, making crafts as well as having a fun last week. It has been packed with so many different activities. We had our Christmas jumper day where everyone came in their Christmas jumper for charity to raise money for Save the Children. We also learnt about Hanukah  and its origins in R.E, made Christmas cards and made the longest Christmas paper chain in the whole school! We have made our own placemats for our Christmas party and learnt a new skill of 'weaving'. 

This week we have packed in a lot of fun activities for the children to enjoy. We had a games morning where the children played some games in the hall set up for them. It was nice to see the children all playing well and collaboratively.  We also made our own reindeer Christmas hats and had a blast partying away socially distancing in our own bubble!

Week 6 Update

This week we have been very busy being creative in Year 3. We finished painting our clay pots we made for the Bronze Age and they look FANTASTIC! We have also been busy compiling all our topic work into a book and created our own book art. The children created their own front cover and added extra details to each page to make it their own. 

This week we have also been very busy in English planning our own recipe for Grandma from our class book 'Georges Marvelous Medicine'. Just like George made Grandma a medicine, we are making her something delicious to to eat to turn her into something . . . .  (You have to wait and se) We have included alliteration, onomatopoeia, time conjunctions and many more things that we have learnt in English. 

Week 5 Update

This week the children were learning about addition and subtraction in Maths. We brought our base 10 equipment out and were engaging in some fun Maths. We were adding and subtracting using concrete evidence. 

In English our class book is Georges Marvelous Medicine and so were were learning how Roald Dhal the author uses  alliteration and onomatopoeia in his writing to make it more exciting. We will be using it soon in our writing!


Week 4 Update

This week we have been very busy in year 3 being creative. As our Art topic is Autumn we have been looking at the artist Georgia O'Keeffe and her landscape painting 'Falling into Nature'. The children painted their own interpretation of the painting. Their paintings looks AMAZING! Their own masterpieces.


Continuing with our History Topic we have been learning about the Bronze Age and the Beaker people and how they brought the culture of pottery to Britain. The children made their attempt at making pottery. The children learnt different ways you can create your own vase or bowl by using spirals and connecting or he pinching technique. Next week we will be painting out pots so be sure to keep a look out!


Week 3 Update

This week the children have been learning about expanded noun phrases in English. They have been creating their own sentences with adjectives to make their sentences pop. The children worked really hard in their groups. 

Week 2 Update

This week year 3 have been busy with Science Week. We have been learning about animals and their habitats. We conducted a minibeast investigation and went to find some in our school garden. 

This week has been a very important week as it has been Remembrance Day, the children created their own poppies to wear and we learnt about the significance of the poppies. The children created posters in respect to Remembrance day and they turned out FABULOUS!

Autumn Term 2

Week 1 Update

It has been a great first week back, the children have been excited to be back and rearing to go! This term we are going to be doing a lot more Art and our topic is Autumn. The children have been looking at how the environment changes in Autumn and particularly what happens to the trees and leaves. This week in Art we collected leaves from the playground and did some leaf printing. We learnt about the technique of printing and how it works. 

Week 7 Update

This week at Armley Park it has been 'Talking Points' week. In year 3 we have been looking at a variety of questions and discussing them in our lessons honing in our questioning skills. It had brought about some great discussions. 

As our topic this Autumn term is about the Stone Age to the Iron Age we have looked at cave paintings and how and why they were created. The children were very interested to know that all the colours used were from the surroundings which the Paleolithic people had to make. The children did a great job recreating their own cave painting using chalk and oil pastels.


Week 6 Update

This week we have been very busy finishing off our Recycling posters to make people aware of how we can save our planet. the children worked really hard in creating their mechanical posters. The posters have arms that wave making it interactive and mechanical. They had a blast creating these. 

This week in P.E. we looked at Haka which is the traditional dance of the Maori culture. We tried to recreate the dance in our own Armley Park way.

Week 5 Update

In Maths this week we have been learning to partition into hundreds, tens and ones. The children have been putting in a lot of effort and showing great enthusiasm. In English we continues with our adjectives and similes to improve our sentences.

For reading the class book we are reading is 'Georges Marvellous Medicine and the children are so interested and intrigued by how the relationship between Grandma and George is not like others Grandma and grandson. We have been having great discussions in reading lessons about their relationship.

Week 4 Update

This week in P.E. we were learning how to balance, so the children practiced some of their Yoga skills  and positions that they had learnt. 

This week Week we also looked at adding adjectives and similes to our 'boring' sentences to make them more interesting and fabulous.


Week 3 Update


This week in English we have been looking at word classes and writing simple sentences, The children have used what they have learnt and applied it to their work. They have done a fantastic job! In Maths we have Still been looking at representing Tens and Ones however, representing them in different ways and using different concrete and pictorial methods. The children have grasped using Maths resources really well.

Representing Tens and Ones in different ways

Week 2 Update


This week we have been looking at recycling in DT and why it is important to recycle. The class has been having a good discussion about different ways we can recycle and watched videos of how recycling is done.


In Maths the children have been using the new Math resources and have been enjoying applying them to help them with their work. We have been looking at Ones and Tens and how to represent them.

Representing Tens and Ones using Base Ten

Week 1 Update

Year 3 have all settled in very well and looking really smart in their new Armley Park uniform. They are rearing to go. We have been reading the story about 'The Cautious Caterpillar' and arranging the events in chronological (time) order. The children worked in groups of 2 to complete the story map.

We have started a new topic all about the Stone Age and are learning new facts about the era.

The children have been enjoying drawing a self portrait of themselves, and they have turned out brilliantly. They have done so well!

The Cautious Caterpillar

What are we learning about this year?

Learning at Home


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