Armley Park Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Year 1 homework goes out on a Wednesday to be returned on a Monday, Reading books are changed Wednesday or Thursday :)


We have been enjoying exploring 2D and 3D shapes, their names and their properties within our Maths lessons and in the classroom provision! 

This week we used toilet roll tubes to print different coloured fireworks onto paper. We are going to be using our fireworks to create our own skyline firework displays! We loved being creative and getting a little bit messy. 

As part of our Fireworks topic, we made chocolate apples and discussed the types of food that people eat when they are celebrating different events. We enjoyed eating them in our golden time and are excited to write instructions to help others learn how to make them!  

We were lucky enough to have a visitor in school this week to create some Remembrance Day art. We used recycled bits of paper to create our own new piece, before decorating them by adding lots of poppies. We enjoyed learning about how paper can be recycled and reused and have learnt lots about the importance of Remembrance Day.

To end our topic about Pirates, we invited the parents in for the morning to create some pirate Art! We had lots of fun making pirates and parrots using all of the materials and loved having the adults in our classroom to help. We were very proud of our creations and even gave them some funny pirate names!

In English, we have spent the last few weeks preparing for our pirate party. We read 'Captain Beastlies Pirate Party' to get some ideas for our shopping list. We decided on a skull cake, costumes, hook crisps and some pirate juice! We also made some party invitations and thought of some adjectives to describe our food. We decided to have our pirate party in our golden time and had lots of fun enjoying all the yummy things from our list! We listened to pirate music, played with our model ships and pulled lots of funny pirate faces.

In D.T, year 1 have spent the last week designing their pirate ships based on the materials that we tested. On Wednesday, we created our pirate ship models using our chosen materials and lots of tools! We had lots of fun and loved having Ken in class to help us. We have since evaluated our models and tested them to find out that they all float! We're very proud of our ships. 

Year 1 have been doing lots of practical maths! We call the practical challenges our 'rockstar challenges' and have become really independent using all the resources! 

We love reading  in the 'Reading Rainforest' inside our new teepee! 

Year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from the author Fran Grant on Tuesday morning, Fran read us her new book 'Gruesome Tales for Gruesome Boys' and completed a workshop with Year 1 and 2 on how to create our own gruesome characters! 


Year 1 have been testing which materials sink and which materials float this week as part of our science topic, We received a letter off some pirates who need our help to stop their ship from sinking! We were really surprised by some of our results and learnt the names of lots of new materials. 



Year 1 dressed up as pirates today for international 'Talk like a pirate day', we are all enjoying learning about pirates as part of our topic 'Why do pirates wear eye patches?'