Armley Park Primary School


Welcome to the Reception Class Page!


Class Teacher: Miss Jackson

Support Staff: Miss Murphy, Miss Hargreaves and Mrs Billbrough

Email: [email protected]


We hope you enjoy looking at our class page. We will update this regularly throughout the year with photographs of what we have been doing and also with key information which you may find useful. If you have any questions, please contact the class teacher who will be able to help. 

Spring 1 2022 - Knowledge Organiser - Build it!

14th January 2022 - Write of the week is Jordan for forming some clear letters from his name. Star of the week is Eva for her enthusiasm in re-telling the story of the Three Little Pigs. Well done both of you!

w/c 10th January 2022 - This week Reception have been developing a secure knowledge of numbers 0-5. They have focused on more and less and composition. Reception have begun to create houses for the Little Pigs using Lego and box craft.

7th January 2022 - Writer of the week is Dylan, he used his phonics independently to write about Miss Jackson being the best! Jakub is star of the week for beginning to use more English. His Dad uploaded a video onto Tapestry of him singing and talking in English at home. Great work boys!

w/c 3rd January 2022 - A huge welcome back to all of Reception. We have had such a busy week and crammed lots into 3 days! In Maths we have been learning all about zero. As part of our Build it topic, we listened to the story "The Three Little Pigs." Next week we will be discussing houses and the materials the pigs used to build them.

Autumn 2 2021 - Knowledge organiser - Let's celebrate!

3rd December 2021 - Reception's star of the week is Hanya, she is trying so hard in all areas of her learning and is a superstar! Peony is our Writer of the week for using and applying her Phonics skills in her writing. Well done girls!

w/c 29th November 2021 - Reception has been so busy this week. We have made decorations, baked a cake and finally had a party for Kipper! We played party games, sang Happy Birthday and ate some cake! We also decorated our class Christmas tree!

w/c 22nd November - This week we have been so busy writing a list of ingredients needed to make a cake, as well as writing instructions on how to make a cake. We are looking forward to making a birthday cake for Kipper next week! In maths, we are getting really good at subitising with numbers up to 4. We have also been exploring the composition of 4.

19th November 2021 - Writer of the week is Amelialilly, she has been writing our tricky words and reading them back. Abigail has been trying really hard to use the words more and less to compare amounts in maths, she is our star of the week. Great work girls!

w/c 15th November 2021 - This week Reception have been doing lots of mark making, writing words and drawing pictures of their models and Pudsey Bear. We have been learning all about the Number 3 in maths too and using the dice to help us subitise numerals/amounts 1-3.

12/11/21 - Janelle is our writer of the week for her cake design for Kipper. Georgia is our star of the week for always trying her hardest and becoming a little bit more confident in class. Well done girls!

w/c 8th November 2021 - Reception have been using the story 'Kipper's Birthday' to support their learning. We have all designed a birthday cake for Kipper. discussed the flavour and used our Phonics to write about it. In Maths, we have been learning all about the Number 2. Some children have also completed a challenge and drawn a picture of their model once they have built it.

5/11/21 - Reception's star of the week is Leona, she always tries hard and has a great 'can do' attitude. Aisha is our writer of the week for using her phonics knowledge well to write all her teachers names! Well done girls!

w/c 1st November 2021 - What a busy first week back and we have kick started our topic by learning all about the Festival Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We then made our own salt dough Diva lamps to celebrate Diwali. We also made some coconut Diwali sweets, they were very yummy! In Maths we have been looking at different ways of representing 1. To finish the week, we talked about Bonfire Night, why we celebrate it and how. Most importantly, we discussed Bonfire Night Safety.

Autumn 1 2021 - Knowledge Organiser - Who are we?

22nd October 2021 - Skyla is this weeks writer of the week, she has been creating some fantastic drawings of animals from the Great Barrier Reef. She is also trying hard in her Phonics. Theo is the star of the week for his consistent efforts in creating his own repeating patterns. Well done to the both of you!

w/c 18th October 2021 - What a busy final week of the first half term in school. We have been learning all about repeating patterns in Reception and creating them in all different areas of the classroom and outside. Early Years were focusing on the Great Barrier Reef for our Wonders of the World themed week. We found it a map, discussed what makes it wonderful, created our own coral using mod rock and drew all the animals that live there. Mark making on whiteboards has been a big hit this week too!

15th October - Reception's star of the week is Alan for his efforts in Maths, he showed some understanding of more and less. Writer of the week is Eva, she independently wrote down all the graphemes we have been learning and was able to tell us what sound they make! Well done to both of you!

8th October 2021 - Arya is our star of the week, she was the first one to complete her home learning and have it uploaded to Tapestry. Hanya is writer of the week for writing letters and sounds at home, her Dad then uploaded it to Tapestry. Great work girls!

w/c 4th October 2021 - This week Reception have been busy sorting and grouping objects by their properties. We have also been talking lots about our families and beginning to make words using magnetic letters. Lots of home learning has happened too, a big thank you to parents for adding lots of photos and videos to Tapestry. The children were so happy to receive their home learning certificates!

W/C 27th September - This week Reception have been looking at matching in maths. We have used lots of enhancements to provision to support our learning, the children have helped Miss Jackson sort out all her socks into matching pairs! We made use of the rainy weather too and mixed powder paints in all the puddles!

1st October 2021 - Star of the week is Mowas, he has settled well into being in school full time and has really made a great start to his time in Reception. Writer of the week is Kamma, she wrote the alphabet and numbers 1-20 from memory, you superstar!

W/C 20th September 2021 - This week we have been very busy creating self portraits. We looked carefully in the mirror at the features on our faces and talked about what we look like. We decided on the materials and colours we would use. They look amazing on the wall in the classroom. We also had a little adventure in Ken's Garden and hunted for the 13 creatures he had hidden in there!

24th September 2021 - Star of the week for Reception is Patryk. He has an amazing attitude and is so enthusiastic towards his learning! Writer of the week is Kilian, he has surprised all the grown ups with writing his name. Great work boys!

W/C 13th September 2021 - Another busy week in Reception. Children exploring areas in and out of the classroom as well as completing our 'faces' challenge. As part of our topic, the children were challenged to use the natural resources to create a face. Lots of conversations about what we all look like. Can you make a face using resources around the house?

17th September 2021 - Reception's star of the week is Aisha, she created a fantastic face using all the natural resources. Reception's writer of the week is Dylan, he drew a self portrait and wrote his own name independently. Well done both of you!

A huge welcome to our new Reception class!! It has been an amazing first day and we've had so much fun!

W/C 6th September 2021 - Our first week in Reception - What a busy week we have had, learning a new routine, making friends and most importantly, having FUN!

10th September 2021 - Reception's star of the week is Jordan! He has started Reception with such a positive attitude when he comes into school and is always smiling. Well done Jordan!