Armley Park Primary School

Important Covid information over Christmas

We have been given the following advice about how to manage any positive cases of Covid over the next few weeks:

-if a child, or member of staff, tests positive for Covid and they have been in close contact with anyone in the school within 48 hours of developing symptoms, we would need to ask their close contacts to isolate for 10 days after they were last with them.

-if this happens during the last week of term, we will ask you to collect the children from school and give you the dates for their isolation period.

-if we receive the results after school has finished on Friday, we have been told by the Government that we would still need to contact you and advise your child to isolate for ten days after they last had contact with the person who has tested positive.


The last thing we want to do is ask anyone to isolate during the Christmas holidays but we have got a duty to comply with the track and trace procedures set by the Government. If we do need to ask your child to isolate, we will contact you by text or email and provide you with the information you will need.


We are planning on making this last week of term as fun and festive as we can but please help us to prevent having to ask anyone to isolate over Christmas by maintaining social distancing, following all of the national guidance about not mixing households and by isolating the whole family if someone develops symptoms. Thank you!