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Welcome to Reception!!

Reception 2019! A huge welcome to our new class. We have been settling into our classroom with our new teachers and friends. We are exploring lots of different learning opportunities inside and out. The weather is letting us still make use of of our amazing sand pit! 

Dinner time!

For some of us, it has been our first ever time staying all day and having a dinner. As you can see, we are really enjoying the delicious dinners! Thank you to the lovely dinner staff. 

September 2019

The Bike ability team came and worked with Reception. We used the balance bikes and rode around the ball area. Great listening and effort from all :) 

16th September 2019

Learning Ladybird - I can write my name

We have been using our name cards to write our names. Our lovely writing has been displayed in the classroom. We have also been talking about how our work makes us feel proud.

23rd September 2019

Dough disco!!


After our first Dough Disco session, some children went to the playdough area and had a go at doing some of the moves! We poked, splatted, rolled and squeezed the dough. Dough Disco helps make our hands and fingers stronger so we can write, draw, cut and use all different types of mark-making tools.

25th September 2019

Visit from Nurse Claire

Nurse Claire came for a visit and spoke to us all about how she helps us. Claire told us she works in the hospital and looks after people who are poorly or who have had an accident. Claire brought her stethoscope in and we all listened to our hearts beating fast and the air going in and out of our lungs.

Thank you Claire :) 

24th September 2019


What do we do in Early Years when it rains? We splash in puddles!! The children put their wellies on and splashed away. Lilly-Mae said "This is the BEST DAY EVER!!" Once we had finished, we took our very wet clothes to the drier.

25th September 2019

Our new water wall!

Huge thank you to Ken for building us a fantastic water wall! We have enjoyed rolling balls down it and are really looking forward to adding water to it next! 

3rd October 2019


Watch these videos to see how to say each sound :) 

Parent Workshop 22.10.19

A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to support their child to create a self-portrait. We appreciate you coming to spend some time with us. Your portraits will be making their way to a display board very soon :) 

Remembrance Day Workshop


 Reception followed instructions to make their own paper. We added a poppy on our paper at the end. We talked about poppies and why they are so important. On Remembrance Day, we walked to the Cenotaph to show our respect to the fallen soldiers. We did a 2 minute silence too.



Poppy Paper 

Here is our poppy paper now it is dried. How amazing is it that we made our own paper?!

St Barts Church

As part of our topic on Festivals and Celebrations, we visited St Barts Church. We looked around the church and Father Michael told us what a Church is used for. We sang a song to Father Michael from our Nativity too. 


Letters to Santa

We took a little walk to the post box to post our letters to Santa! We promise we are all on the good list :) 


Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree!

We decorated our class Christmas Tree. We each added some tinsel and a bauble. Sajmon was chosen to add the Angel on the top.